Paramedic Unit Exams Version 2 Coming Soon

January 27, 2021

Paramedic Unit Exams Version 2 (PUE V2)

We are excited to announce that new Paramedic Unit Exams are coming soon. Unit exams are a series of secure, computer-based tests. These exams are great tools for assessing your students, diagnosing knowledge gaps, and identifying a plan of action for remediation. The PUE V2 can be used in conjunction with PUE V1 as additional practice, or as new content for remediation and re-assessment

With the new PUEv2, you can look forward to:

  • Reinforced exam security with brand new content.
  • More comprehensive learning prescriptions with additional sections to provide specific categories and subtopics that students should focus on when studying.
  • A separate unit exam for Pediatrics, which has been separated from the OB/Gyn content.

View the PUE V2 Technical Manual to learn more!

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